Thursday, August 2, 2012

INSIGHT: soliloquies in three

INSIGHT: soliloquies in three

JIV Manila Artists at the GSIS Museum this August 2012

Visual artists Alain Austria, Crown Dolot and Juno Parungao come together in a group exhibit entitled INSIGHT: soliloquies in three, opening on August 8, 2012 at 6:00 in the evening at the GSIS Museum. The exhibit features around 30 paintings and drawings in medium to large scale, in an ensemble of media from watercolor to acrylic, pen & ink and found objects.
INSIGHT: soliloquies in three
All come from years of commitment to a certain belief and all having the heart of an educator, Austria, Dolot and Parungao are the kind who seek to arrest ideas, unwilling to be passive participants of a single paradigm. They wear different hats as nurturers, believers, followers, teachers, advocates, cultural workers; conscientiously, their works of art signal the time they maximize to reflect on instances, outcomes and challenges of their different roles. In reflections, one painting at a time, they form meanings they attach to specific points of life.

“INSIGHT is really three exhibits in one. Each artist’s collection tells a story that’s different from the other two but apparently in the same vein. As a whole, it’s an anthology.”, shares curator Avie Felix. “These artists are not first-timers in the business of meaning-making. In fact, they have so many reflections and views to share, which they do through their art works. These pieces talk about life, ideologies, paradigms and various marriages of all three. In this exhibit, art speaks.”

INSIGHT will be on view until August 31, 2012. The exhibit organizer, JIV Manila Art is a collective of artists, scholars and consultants forwarding contemporary art practice and appreciation. JIV Manila advocates art for a meaningful life. For inquiries about the exhibit, contact JIV Manila Art at 964-5951 or visit 

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